Saludo a todos

Today is the day I want to wake up
tonight is a night I want to stay up late
just wasting time while I wait
something great that comes to stay

I discovered I'm afraid of blue skies,
so i try hard to keep my mind
safe from change
away from strain.

I know You are not the one,
I know You are mi lost
So I try to find you
and you are there, watching the stars

And I know you are not watching me
running away from my beliefs
hoping that I´ll get someday
where the blue skies are always safe

So, when that moment came
I will notice then
that You are not by mi side
just liying, watching the stars

That day i will stay in bed
knowing that i blew it all
that nothing is safer than the change
and that blue skies makes no harm.

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cafeinna dijo...

oye juan, échale un ojo al nuevo de madona y me dices que opinas